Who are we?


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It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

The founders of Fitsmind, Chris and Marcus, connected through their shared values and passion for being active outdoors. 

The two first met at university in 2008, where they studied business and spent their summers mountaineering in the Alps and Himalayas. After graduating in 2012, they temporarily took different paths, with Chris moving into the world of private equity and Marcus into Google.

But with both of them having close family members struggling with type 1 diabetes, depression and anxiety, and working for large companies further contributing to the problems, they both started to feel a sense of responsibility and desire to create change

"We both felt the healthcare system and fitness industry was flawed at its core, with doctors incentivised to offer pills to treat mental health issues, and the fitness industry focused on exploiting people's vulnerabilities, rather than addressing the cause.
Why can't you instead have a preventative and sustainable form of healthcare that offers the right guidance and support to improve your mental and physical well-being from as early as possible?" 

This marked the start of Fitsmind.

Chris and Marcus were lucky to find an incredible team of passionate people who all believe in making a positive impact, and together they developed the concept of MAP (mental and physical) training, collaborating with Oslo University Hospital and other leaders in the field



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What we believe

We at Fitsmind believe that looking after your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. The two go hand in hand, because what the mind believes, the body can achieve. We've made it our mission to improve people's self confidence and mental well-being all around the world by combining mental training with exercise, known as MAP (mental and physical) training


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Mental and physical MAP training

Chris Dravers

Chris grew up on the island Guernsey before being fortunate to live and work in a diverse range of countries around the world

With a passion for entrepreneurship, as well as a love for the outdoors, if he's not working with the team, you will most likely find him up a mountain or on the water


Marcus Hjelleset

Marcus grew up in the fjords of Norway, cross country skiing before he could walk. He went on to join Google where he was able to live in a variety of different countries and explore cultural differences between people

His favourite country is Nepal because of the happiness and generosity people have with so little, as well the strong connection they have to the land

Marcus’ greatest passion in life is helping people find a sense of purpose and happiness and Fitsmind is his way of making that happen

Mental and physical MAP training

Mental and physical MAP training


Sara Isakovic

An Olympic silver medallist from Slovenia, a published researcher, a TEDx speaker, and recently completing a Masters degree in Performance Psychology from University of California San Diego, Sara has a deep passion for helping people become the best version of themselves by tapping into their subconscious.


Callum Keogan

Callum is a senior web developer originally from the UK. With his passion for running, hiking and photography, Callum brings with him an enthusiasm for technology and programming, with several years experience in front and back end technologies

Mental and physical MAP training

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Chandra Neerukonda

Chandra is a Senior iOS developer based in Boston, USA, with a passion to bring beauty to her work and design products which are a joy to use 

Chandra has worked on several projects from planning to completion and when she is away from the screen you will find her enjoying time with family or exploring the outdoors

Fabio S. Takaki

Fabio is a web developer all the way from the small town of Pompeia in Brazil. Fabio previously studied Computer Science at UNESP - Sao Paulo State University, and he is responsible for making the Fitsmind Coach front-end a pleasure to use for our clients. When offline you will find Fabio playing football or running.

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Alexandr Rimsha

Alex is a web developer all the way from the town of Vladivostok in East Russia. Alex previously studied at Far Eastern Federal University and is responsible for the backend of Fitsmind Coach. When not working you will find Alex playing football or on the beach 

Mohamed Salah

From the mysterious land of Egypt, Mohamed was previously a Growth Hacker at AIESEC, but is now heading up our Data Mining efforts. Mohamed has two big passions in his life: Courses on Coursera and his cat.


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Our vision

Our vision is centred on three core beliefs; 

  1. Technology can assist but it cannot replace human interaction when it comes to exercise
  2. Combining mindfulness with exercise leads to improved consciousness levels and enhanced resilience
  3. Enhanced resilience, generates increased self-confidence and happiness, ultimately leading people to live more fulfilling lives

Our ultimate goal is to become the world’s leading mental health organisation. By using advanced technology and machine learning, combined with the power of real human coaching and mindfulness, we believe we can deliver the most trusted source of wellness advice to the consumer 


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