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Combining neuroscience with sports performance to deliver coaches a breakthrough way of turning their athletes into the world's best swimmers


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Why should I care about this?

We all know the importance the mind plays in swimming.

However we also know that getting athletes to practice visualisation and awareness meditation outside of their workouts is challenging, and that the pictures they form in their mind can ultimately be the difference between success and failure. 

Our mission is to empower swim coaches to deliver a new breed of swimmers and coaching, which is why we have broken down the principles of what top level performers mentally tell themselves into bitesize visualisation recordings so that your swimmers can learn how to activate their subconscious and become world class swimmers too.

A new breed of both swimmers and swim coaches will emerge in the next few years - will you be in, or out?

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How does it work?


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  • 100+ pre and post swim visualisation and meditation recordings 
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*The recordings and workbook will cover a 4 week period, where each week will get progressively harder (more challenging recordings/tasks) as the athlete develops their mind

*The recordings and workbook will cover a 4 week period, where each week will get progressively harder (more challenging recordings/tasks) as the athlete develops their mind

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Join the tribe that focuses on training the minds of the athletes

"I've always guided my team through visualisation sessions, but with mixed feedback. Whilst some loved it, a lot fell asleep or were unable to form images in their mind. Using Fitsmind my athletes just plug in their headphones to be guided through a visualisation and the glow and excitement in their eyes once they are done is priceless!"

 - John (Coach), Sandefjord Swimming-club, Norway

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"As a coach I know my methods work but I also know I have to stay ahead of the game to turn my kids into pros. Fitsmind's mental training has allowed me to pair this with my physical coaching, and results (and mention motivation!) this season has been the best we have seen. Thx team."

- Thomas (Coach), Nittedal Raptors


Mental training is the key to unlocking top performance in swimming.

Performance psychologists are available to top level athletes but come at a high price.

We want to allow every athlete to tap into their subconscious mind to improve performance in a more affordable, accessible way.

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Built by Neuroscientists & Olympic Athletes

Mental training, visualisation and meditation is not a revolutionary concept - it is something that Olympic athletes, swimmers and other top performers have practiced for years. 

Fitsmind has been created and developed by athletes with a passion for making the skills and tools they have learnt available for everyone. 

"I have seen first hand the benefits mental training can have on anyone - not just in your physical swimming performance - but by building inner confidence and resilience you can thrive and overcome any challenge life may throw at you." 

- Sara Isakovic, Olympic medalist (200m freestyle 2008) and Brain Researcher

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