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Intro to MAP Training with Sara Isakovic

One of our very own stars and team-mates, Sara Isakovic, an Olympic Silver Medallist, performance psychologist and TEDx speaker, knows the effect the mind can have over the body. 

Hear all of her tips and tricks and join her on the start of a journey to improve your mind body wellness!

Toning Up & Improving Willpower

Tried, tested & proven by 1000’s of clients as well as Olympic athletes, the Fitsmind Week of MAP (Mental and physical) Workouts will have you burn fat, tone your body as well as leave you mentally sharpened and focused. Featuring a comprehensive training plan, consisting of 5 MAP workouts, as well as guided visualisation and meditation sessions. Unrivalled personal support & motivation from all of us here at #TheFitsmindfamily comes as a standard.