Fitsmind improves you from the inside-out. Delivering both mental and physical wellbeing, helping you reach your fitness and life goals. Fitsmind provides you with your uniquely tailored MAP (mental and physical) training programme, based on your unique body type, fitness background and goal



Mental Training

Through guided visualisation and meditation sessions, Fitsmind improves your focus and performance, in order to deliver you sustained results over time


Constantly challenges you 

Each workout dynamically updates based on your performance, on your way to the top of your own inner mountain. Constantly pushing you to be a better version of yourself every day

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Variety of exercises

Keep yourself motivated with over 500 different exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere: Home, Outdoors or in the Gym - with the equipment you have available, there and then


Mental training made simple

Mental training, awareness-meditation and visualisation might seem like big topics, and they are! And for that reason, we decided to simplify it - through the use of short animation clips before you start your workouts