Fitsmind Coach provides you with an 8 week tailored personal MAP (Mental and Physical) training programme created and supported by a highly qualified fitness professional; ideal for those looking for accountability & motivation without the ever-increasing hourly rate of a traditional personal trainer

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Mental and physical coaching for a fraction of the cost

  1. Real personal trainers to keep you accountable

  2. Personalised workout updates pushing you to the best results

  3. 1500+ exercises so you never get bored

  4. Access to trainers that specialise in specific goals/injuries

  5. Easy to track progress using the app to see how you're progressing towards your goal

  6. By working closely with professional personal trainers & sports scientists over the last 3 years, we deliver mental and physical workouts that are proven to deliver results

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Work with the best in the industry

We have hand selected the best trainers in the industry to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Each trainer has their own specialities but all endorse and support Fitsmind's MAP training principles. 

More importantly, all of our trainers have full autonomy on tailoring your programme to ensure that it is always the best for you and your body type.

Your PT will always be on hand to work with you and will be by your side every step of the way - helping you climb your own inner mountain. 



Location: Oslo, Norway

Languages: English, Norwegian 

Speciality: Weight loss, build muscle, nutrition 

With several years experience behind her as a qualified personal trainer, following completing a degree in nutrition, Anniken is one of Fitsmind's most trusted PTs.

"I am a passionate and motivating Personal Trainer and I truly love what I do! My greatest happiness comes from being able to help make a change in people's lives and see my clients reach their goals. Because of this I continuously seek to educated myself on the latest research to develop myself as a Personal Trainer but most importantly, to offer my clients the best coaching possible. 
As a Personal Trainer I am solution-oriented, engaged and creative. This is an incredible job that gives me a lot of energy and in return I will provide you with motivation, inspiration and a love for working out!"


Location: Tromso, Norway

Languages: English, Norwegian 

Speciality: Weight loss, build muscle, nutrition 

As one of Fitsmind's very first PTs, Rannveig has always delivered client's the very best training plans. Here is what she has to say:

"I am incredibly passionate about how the mind and body works together and how we can use this to our advantage to really become great at anything we want in life - as long as we want it bad enough.

My true passion in life is fitness and getting people in shape, and as I am a very curious individual, I always strive to learn more. I am a Personal Trainer and a certified Nutritionist from AFPT as well as being certified in Skeleton Training (Osteoblast). 

I actively compete in fitness, and as a Personal Trainer I always aim to educate myself further to expand my knowledge base. My main motto in life is "Always stay hungry!"


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