Mental & physical training to improve triathlon performance with your Personal Coach

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Your 8 week tailored MAP (Mental and Physical) training guide created and supported by your own dedicated Personal Coach to improve both your mindset and physical strength for triathlon competitions



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Mental training for triathlon made simple

We believe Triathlon is so much more than just a way of working out. It's a way of thinking. A way of approaching obstacles in front of you with a determined, confident mindset. Both during training and in life. Mental training, awareness-meditation and visualisation might seem like big topics - and for that reason, we decided to simplify it - through the use of short animation clips before you start your workouts

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Work with the best in the industry

We have hand selected the best Coaches in the industry to help you reach your mental and physical goals, whether that's to improve in triathlon and gain inner-confidence at the same time, or to improve your productivity and lower stress levels whilst losing weight. 

Each Coach in addition to having the qualifications in order, has passed various tests on emotional intelligence and is well equipped to support you into reaching your life goals.

Your Coach will always be on hand to work with you and will be by your side every step of the way - helping you climb your own inner mountain to become the best version of yourself.



Location: Oslo, Norway

Languages: English, Slovenian 

Speciality: Swimming, Freestyle, Positive self-talk, building resilience

A former Silver Olympic Medallist, published Brain researcher and tedX speaker, Sara knows the importance mental training has on swimming performance.

"My passion is to help other swimmers and triathletes succeed. After experiencing for myself the power of visualisation and mental training, I thrive on helping others achieve their goal in life and become the badass triathletes they deserve to be! I am here to personally help you get mentally and physically stronger over the next weeks. I will be by your side day and night - and we will get there together."


Location: Oslo, Norway

Languages: English, Norwegian 

Speciality: Positive self-talk, weight loss, build muscle, building resilience, Crossfit

With several years experience behind her as a qualified personal trainer, following completing a degree in nutrition, Anniken is one of Fitsmind's most trusted Coaches.

"I am a passionate and motivating Coach and I truly love what I do! My greatest happiness comes from being able to help make a change in people's lives and see my clients reach their goals. Because of this I continuously seek to educate myself on the latest research to develop myself as a Coach but most importantly, to offer my clients the best coaching possible. 
As a Coach, I am solution-oriented, engaged and creative. This is an incredible job that gives me a lot of energy and in return I will provide you with motivation, inspiration and a love for working out and developing your mind!"


Location: Tromsø, Norway

Languages: English, Norwegian 

Speciality: Improve self-confidence, weight loss, build muscle 

As one of Fitsmind's very first Coaches, Rannveig has always delivered client's the very best MAP training plans. Here is what she has to say:

"I am incredibly passionate about how the mind and body works together and how we can use this to our advantage to really become great at anything we want in life - as long as we want it bad enough.

My true passion in life is fitness and getting people in shape mentally and physically, and as I am a very curious individual, I always strive to learn more. I am a Personal Trainer and a certified Nutritionist from AFPT as well as being certified in Skeleton Training (Osteoblast). 

As a Coach I always aim to educate myself further to expand my knowledge base. My main motto in life is "Always stay hungry!"


Location: Oslo, Norway

Languages: English, Norwegian 

Speciality: Mental training, building resilience, improve in sports, tone up and build strength

Being a certified Mental Trainer, Tonje is a passionate mental health advocate and a thought-leader on social media inspiring women to be strong, badass and confident.

"Gratefulness puts you in a peaceful, happy place. No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for 'we' are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.

During your MAP guide I will challenge you to be daring, different and impractical. You are unique and strong and if you don't believe that, I will help you find inner love. I want you to succeed more than anything, and this is what I thrive from, so I won't stop until we get you there"

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How does it work?


What the mind believes, the body achieves



"Nowadays it's like everything is about how you look, and not about how you feel inside. This makes me upset because the most important thing of all is that we love ourselves and our bodies and that we treat it with respect. I love doing my MAP workouts as it improves me from within as well as outside, and I am so happy with the way it has improved my focus, confidence and results in life"

- Amy, Netherlands

Improve your triathlon performance by training your mind

Your MAP Guide & Personal Coach


✓ Your own Personal Coach dedicated to helping you reach your goal (chat & video)    

✓ 100% tailored 8-week mental & physical training plan  

✓ Voice-guided visualisation pre-workouts              

✓ Voice-guided meditation post-workouts    

✓ Daily mental training tasks                      

✓ Rest day goal visualisation sessions

✓ Training programme updates based on your performance & input from your Coach  

* 60 day money-back guarantee if not satisfied