Teaming up with people all around the world be part of a free interactive experience  

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Thank you for your interest in being part of the next Fitsmind mountain challenge!

We openly encourage everyone from all backgrounds and walks of life to try this - all of the tasks are designed to be universal and we know everyone will be capable!

In order to join the next weekly challenge please leave your email below, and please request if you would like to be in the same group as friends 


How it works 

The rules are very straightforward.

Once you have submit your email you will be invited to a secret Facebook group where the challenge takes place. 

Nothing will ever get shared publicly and you will not be able to see your group until the night before you set off. 

Each day your host will assign a new mental and physical (MAP) training challenge - almost all of the things will form part of your daily routine and will not take long to complete

In order to keep you accountable you will be asked to post or share photos or make contributions in the group.

Anyone that completes the entire week and climbs the mountain will be sent a special prize!

Although it might seem like a game, there is genuine science and insight behind it, and we will share more about this too each day :)

In order to make the experience best for everyone, we limit the number to 20 people maximum each week. 

Your host 

Previous Olympic medallist and performance psychologist, Sara Isakovic will be your friendly host - setting the daily tasks and offering motivation throughout the week. 

I loved it! It makes you feel part of a fun little club with people all over the world that care about similar things in life. I really didn’t want it to end :)
— Hanna, Norway