Your mental and physical training guide supported by one of Norway's top coaches

If you want to be able to create change in your life, you have to start by being willing to change your mind
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How does it work?


Choose from 2-7 workouts per week and which areas of your body to focus on 

Ability to workout at the location of your choice - in the gym, outdoors or at home

Fun & creative - more than 1,500 exercises to choose from

Each MAP workout consists of the following: 

  1. Visualisation (5 minutes)
  2. High intensity workout (45 minutes)
  3. Awareness meditation (10 minutes)  

On top of this, you will also have short daily mental training activities - divided into weekly topics and learnings - as well as a host of other mental training resources

Simply select your coach to get started - and they'll be on hand to support you every step of the the way 

Mental content divided into weekly topics and learnings

Mental content divided into weekly topics and learnings

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Mental training made simple

Mental training, awareness-meditation and visualisation might seem like big topics, and they are! So we decided to simplify it through the use of short animation clips before you start each of your workouts

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Work with the best in the industry

We have hand selected the best Coaches in the industry to help you reach your mental and physical goals, whether that's to get fit ahead of an event, lose weight, reduce stress or build confidence. 

Each of our coaches have passed tests on mental coaching and emotional intelligence and will always be on hand to support you every step of the way 


Built by Olympic athletes

Mental and physical (MAP) training, visualisation and meditation is not a revolutionary concept - it is something that Olympic athletes and other top performers have practiced for years. 

Fitsmind has been created and developed by athletes with a passion for making the skills and tools they have learnt available for everyone. 

"I have seen first hand the benefits MAP training can have on anyone - not just in your physical performance - but by building inner confidence and resilience you can thrive and overcome any challenge life may throw at you." 

- Sara Isakovic, Olympic medalist

"What the mind believes, the body achieves" 

Your MAP Guide & Personal Coach


✓ Your own Personal Coach (through chat & video)    

✓ 100% tailored mental & physical training guide  

✓ Voice-guided visualisation pre-workouts (5 mins) 

✓ Voice-guided meditation post-workouts (10 mins)   

✓ Daily mental training tasks                      

✓ Rest day goal visualisation sessions

✓ Guide updates based on your performance & input from your Coach  

* Full money-back guarantee if not satisfied

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Know an inspiring coach?

We pride ourselves on only working with the very top coaches in the industry. The visionaries, the thought leaders, and those always willing to go the extra mile for their clients 

Know someone like this? Then we'd love to meet them! Receive 2 months of Fitsmind Coach for anyone you refer.