Unlock the power of your mind

With your MAP Coach 

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Combining the power of neuroscience with personal training, Fitsmind Coach is a level beyond. It’s training without limits, fuelled by the power of your subconscious. It’s your body made stronger, your mind more resilient, and allowing you to thrive in life. 




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Your personalised MAP Training Guide

MAP stands for Mental and Physical training. It is your 100% tailored training guide for your mind and body, based on an analysis of your physical background, mental state and levels of awareness and resilience. Through an initial assessment your Coach crafts a highly personalised plan combining various forms of visualisation and awareness meditation with highly effective workouts.


Welcome to the future of fitness

Creating an entirely new way of working out to get in shape both mentally and physically, meant incorporating the latest advances in neuroscience to unleash the power of your subconscious

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The right team

We also know that a tailored development plan is only as good as the people behind it. With Fitsmind Coach, you'll be paired with a Coach, not a traditional Trainer. To keep you accountable and help you realise your goals.

Fitsmind Coaches have been tested and mastered various aspects of mental training, emotional intelligence and resilience as well as going through the rigorous curriculum of the Fitsmind Coach Academy (FMCA). Guided by a relentless focus on scientific integrity and innovation, these skilled leaders are uniquely qualified to design breakthrough programs and mental training tasks that deliver not only results, but dramatic improvements in quality of life.


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Olympics + Google + PE = change

An Olympic medallist and brain researcher decided to team up with two guys from Google & private equity to transform a 100-year old fitness industry.

We are united by a common core belief; we think it's wrong for companies to sell a false dream of "happiness" that comes from changing the way you look. There is no secret or shortcut to becoming happy and confident. 

We don't sugarcoat.

We have a mission of building people up from within. To strengthen their mindset, self-love & belief in themselves. To help people not only achieve their fitness goals, but improve their life as a whole: their relationships, their career - and make them realise that all their dreams can be fulfilled. 

We are different and we know it. But we love that.


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MAP Training based on neuroscience 

Mental and physical MAP training

The result? When changing your behaviour with support from a Coach, you begin to function at a higher level across the board. Whatever it is you do, you will be able to do it at the peak of your powers.

You'll move, fuel & recharge like a champion, every day.

Our years of scientific research on NAVY Seals & Olympic athletes confirm that the only way to achieve an elite state of fitness is to address the subconscious mind which is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind.

Fitsmind Coach uses mindfulness and sensory-based techniques to trigger your subconscious to activate. Coupled with workouts, we saw that not only did physical results improve but people's resilience and focus improved too.

48% of our lives are spent mind-wandering, instead of focusing on achieving our goals. We have published scientific studies & held TEDx talks on the power of the subconscious when it comes to achieving mind-body wellness.


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Why Fitsmind Coach's MAP Training works


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Improve confidence and focus

Whether you workout in the gym, outdoors, or at home, your personalised mental and physical training guide will deliver you MAP workouts to build your strength, stamina and inner resilience - leaving you confident in every situation and ready to take on all the challenges life throws at you


Reach your fitness and life goals

Do you ever find yourself reading fitness magazines or scrolling through Instagram for workout motivation? Externally driven motivation will leave you searching for an untouchable goal that you never fully reach. Together with your Coach, you will learn to discover your vision, passions and skills

Short, tough and efficient workouts

Don't have the time to workout? By integrating visualisation and meditation into your workout, you increase your focus and awareness - allowing you to achieve better results in less time. The journey ahead will be tough. But so will you



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Treat your mind and body the way it deserves

Imagine a world where everyone trains their brain in the same way as their body. Imagine the calm and satisfying nature of these individuals when you speak to them. Empowering others around them and inspiring action and dreams just by their presence. This is our future the way we see it, and we want you part of it.

There is a reason why Oprah, Will Smith, NAVY Seals and Conor McGregor all swear to the power of visualisation. It helped them reach their goals, and through your Fitsmind Coach's guidance - you will reach yours.


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✓ Your own Personal Coach dedicated to helping you reach your goal (via chat & video in web-app)    

✓ 100% tailored 8-week mental & physical training guide  

✓ Voice-guided visualisation pre-workouts              

✓ Voice-guided meditation post-workouts    

✓ Daily mental training tasks tailored to you                   

✓ Rest day goal visualisation sessions

✓ Training programme updates based on your performance & input from your Coach