The Fitsmind Product Collection

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We combine mental and physical training, using principles of visualisation & meditation, leaving you physically refreshed and mentally sharp for whatever life has in store

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Mental and Physical Training eBooks

MAP workouts & willpower improvement books to help you #climbyourinnermountain, with voice guided mental practices


Your personally tailored MAP (Mental and physical) training guide, dynamically updating over time

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Fitsmind Coach

Your personally tailored MAP (mental and physical) training guide - with the support of your own dedicated Personal Trainer

MAP Camps

Exclusive (Norway only) in-person MAP (Mental and physical) group-training Camps 

Arctic Revitalisation

Premium mental and physical excursions on a catamaran-yacht in the Arctic


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Fitsmind offers you a uniquely tailored training programme based on your unique body type, fitness background and goal. Each workout dynamically updates based on your performance, constantly pushing you to be a better version of yourself

Combining this approach with short guided meditation sessions, Fitsmind improves your focus and performance, in order to deliver you sustained results


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Fitsmind Coach

Fitsmind Coach combines your personally tailored training programme with your own real-life Personal Trainer, dedicated to be there by your side all the way


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Fitsmind MAP Camps

Our MAP (Mental and Physical) camp training technique is based on both studies and research and focuses on engaging and associating the head with the body to increase focus and presence during exercise, combined with physical exercise where we improve fitness, burn fat and build muscle, everything in a 30-minute efficient session


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Arctic revitalisation

(Limited Availability) 

Escape the hustle and bustle for truly unique 72 hour experience in the Arctic - sailing through the Norwegian wilderness combining mindfulness with physical training to connect the mind, body and nature. Replace your inbox with your eyes, because this place has a lot to offer