Your Mental and physical training Guide - by sara isakovic

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One of our very own stars and team-mates, Sara Isakovic, an Olympic Silver Medallist, performance psychologist and TEDx speaker, knows the effect the mind can have over the body. Sara has hands-on experience as a published researcher in mental training from the University of California San Diego, working with NAVY Seals, Marines and Olympic athletes.

Hear all of her tips and tricks and join her on the start of a journey to improve your mind body wellness!

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What the mind believes, the body achieves

"Nowadays it's like everything is about how you look, and not about how you feel inside. This makes me upset because the most important thing of all is that we love ourselves and our bodies and that we treat it with respect. I love doing my MAP workouts as it improves me from within as well as outside, and I am so happy with the way it has improved my focus, confidence and results in life" - Amy, Netherlands
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